About Us

RRU 3D Services is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of prototypes and the execution of small to medium-sized series productions.

Welcome to RRU 3D Services. Our 'About Us' page provides a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing company. Driven by a clear vision to deliver high-quality services, we specialize in producing prototypes and executing small to medium-sized series productions.

With over ten years of experience in manufacturing and product development, we have honed our expertise in applying advanced production technologies, including 3D printing, 3D scanning, CNC milling, and laser cutting. Our focus is on precision and efficient production of both complex objects and functional components. 

Our company boasts an extensive machinery lineup, enabling us to largely conduct production in-house. This not only allows us to maintain short lead times but also provides flexibility to our clients. Additionally, we collaborate closely with selected partners within the  Qeske Community

Our 'About Us' page provides you a glimpse into the values and dedication that form the foundation of our company. Discover the people behind the products and the passion behind the precision at RRU 3D Services.

A look back in time


Commencing from a loft space and our initial business location

RepRapUniverse started in 2013 in a loft room in Landgraaf as an escalated hobby. Purchasing the first RepRap 3D printer kit from the UK for Christmas, along with threaded rods and screws from the hardware store, the initial 3D printer (a Prusa Mendel i2) was assembled. This printer consisted of numerous 3D-printed parts and could partially replicate itself. As demand grew for printed parts for RepRap 3D printers, a webshop was established, and DIY 3D printer kits were sold from the loft (with an increasing number of components sold over time).

After acquiring a CNC machine for milling parts, the loft space quickly became insufficient. In the fall of 2013, we relocated to a suitable business premises in the Haefland industrial area in Brunssum.

2013 - 2020 

Development of our own 3D printers & a 3D Printer Store

In Brunssum, we began specializing in the development of our own 3D printers (Prusa i3 Achatz Edition, easyDelta, KISS 200 & Kiss 400) and related products in the subsequent years. We collaborated with inventor Kai Parthy from Cologne (Germany) to create our own extruder, the 1730 Full Metal Hotend, enabling the printing of advanced materials.

In 2017, we relocated from Brunssum to the Rodaboulevard in Kerkrade. There, we operated a 3D Printer Store until 2020, offering customers a comprehensive range of products in the field of 3D printing—from 3D printers to filaments and components.

2020 - now

Focus on Services

Since the summer of 2020, we have been situated at a new location on the Rodaboulevard in Kerkrade, focusing on providing various services in the realm of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Subtractive Manufacturing (SM). We assist in the development of new products and components, offering services ranging from prototyping to the mass production of parts.

Core team

Richard Achatz

Managing Director

Richard is your point of contact for any questions and inquiries. 

Expert in 3D printing (FDM, SLA, and SLS), CAD Design (Fusion 360), and modern manufacturing technologies. 



Franz Xaver Achatz 

Technical Supervisor

Franz is the Gyro Gearloose of RRU, possessing an invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge in the realm of technical applications and production technologies.

Expert in the fields of Additive Manufacturing, Subtractive Manufacturing, and electrical engineering.